Easiest Way to Maintain Your Floor Jack

Apparently, any new floor jack, regardless of the brand, should be able to serve someone for a very long period of time. However, this depends on how you maintain it. While you can’t completely eradicate wear and tear in your jack, you can prolong the lifetime of the tool if you treat it right.

Fortunately, floor jack maintenance is very simple and can be done by anyone, as it does not require technical know-how. In fact, it should only be done twice or thrice every year.

Moreover, it usually takes 2 to 3 minutes. Isn’t that amazing? Therefore, you have no excuse for having no time to maintain your floor jack. Also, it is always good to keep a record of your tools and their respective maintenance dates. The following are some of the easiest ways of maintaining your floor jack:

  1. Inspecting Regularly

For you to know the condition of your jack, it is critical to always inspect it on a regular basis. For starters, you’d need to check your jack’s nuts and bolts for looseness. Secondly, you have to check for any oil spillages or damages to the body of your floor jack.

If you spot any defect when inspecting the jack, it is always good to seek professional advice on how to repair it. While these may look like petty things, they are basic procedures you have to do if you want to maintain your floor jack.

  1. Hygiene is key

Grease attracts dirt and dust. This is why we stress the importance of cleaning your floor jack and wiping it down with a clean cloth after every use. It keeps your jack clean and ready to use.

Also, when you are not using it always keep it in a cool, dry place where it is occasionally removed and wiped before use to remove any buildup of dirt. After this, you may lightly oil your floor jack to avoid rusting.

  1. Applying Grease to Moving Parts

Moving parts on the floor jack form the backbone of the jack. It means that almost every single part of the floor jack needs grease to function without friction. Apply grease on the moving parts after thoroughly washing the jack and wiping with a clean cloth.

Apparently, many people use oil in the moving parts, which is not advisable. It is because oil just remains on one spot without flowing. Grease flows from where it is applied, which is the main point of using a lubricant.

  1. Replacing Oil

It is important to change the oil regularly. It helps smoothen the operations of the floor jack despite it being a closed system. However, when doing this, you need first to establish the level of oil to fill the exact amount back after washing it.  Either under filling or overfilling would result in failure. Under filling would lead to a weak floor jack lifting system while over filling would lead to permanent damage.

  1. Storage

After performing these, you need to put your floor jack in a clean, dry place having released all pressure in the cylinder of the floor jack. This may take a bit longer but may save you time when setting it up the next time you wanted to use the jack. Also, this would help cut down the space that would be consumed by a ready-to-go jack. Always place the jack in an upright position when storing so as to avoid any leaks from the system.

  1. Continuously Bled Cylinder

The cylinder needs to be bled after a while. The best way to know whether it is the right time is to check if the lifting ability has been compromised. If the floor jack cannot lift up heavy objects and hold them, then this means it needs to be bled. This is important as faulty floor jacks may cause a vehicle to crumple due to the weight which cannot be supported.


What to Consider when Maintaining

Maintenance of a floor jack will determine its durability and longevity. It is vital to consider some other factors, which are crucial when maintaining your floor jack.

  1. Cost of Materials

Materials such as grease should be bought from a reputable store. In fact, it would be easier to seek advice from the company that produces the floor jack before purchasing lubricant for the tool. It is because any substandard grease would destroy the function of some of the delicate parts of your floor jack.

Moreover, you should avoid using oil and instead use grease. Oil does not easily flow into the system unlike grease, which moves to almost every part within the floor jack.

  1. Time of Maintenance

It ‘s nice to have a predictable and stable timetable, which you would use to determine when to clean up and grease your floor jack. It helps you work according to a schedule that allows you to avoid build-up of dust or dirt on the floor jack. Random clean up plans do not necessary help in such cases. Secondly, you have to stick to those dates and, because it does not consume much of your time, just do the best you can do to ensure you have a clean and efficient floor jack stored in a cool, dry place.

  1. Oil inside does not mix with Water

Oil mixing with water inside your floor jack only leads to deterioration of the efficiency of lifting. In fact, if it mixes with water it may be rendered useless and thus can force you to acquire another one. Always be careful when replacing your oil. You do not want water to enter the floor jack. It is a very crucial thing for any owner of a floor jack to assess the quality of the oil during replacement.

Application of all these maintenance methods will help you maintain your floor jack for years. In fact, it may outlive its projected lifetime. Remember that the secret to durability is how you maintain a tool and in this case how you maintain your floor jack. Protecting it from dust and dirt, and lubricating parts which are squeaky are just two of the many ways in which you can prolong the life of your tools and make them far better investments in time to come.

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