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Product Name:Arcan ALJ3T
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The Arcan ALJ3T is an excellent aluminum floor jack with a 3 ton capacity and a dual pump piston. It has a low profile design that allows it to fit under just about any vehicle, but still has a maximum lifting height higher than or equal to some its regular profile competition.

Quick Product Specs

  • Thick frame side plates
  • Reinforced lift arm for added strength, chassis torsion control and durability
  • Dual pump pistons for fast rising action, 3.6″ to 19.4″
  • Piston dust shields to prevent hydraulic contamination
  • Bypass and overload valves prevent over-extension of hydraulic ram and jack use beyond rated capacity

About Arcan ALJ3T

High Capacity, Higher Heights

Get the power of a pro with this low-profile jack. This powerhouse can safely lift up to 3 tons, making it ideal for cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. Quickly and easily raise your load from the 3 3/4in. minimum height to a 18 1/4in. maximum lift height.

Fast Up Quick Rise System

It starts with the rapid action of dual pump pistons that quickly bring the two-stage jack up to maximum height. Each piston has a special dust shield to prevent hydraulic contamination and keep the pump operating smoothly. The long two-piece handle delivers the leverage you need and then breaks down for easy storage. The Quick Lock feature provides easy engagement and disengagement of the handle halves.

Built For Strength and Safety

If you’re looking for toughness, look no further than the thick side plates and reinforced lift arm on the ALJ3T. The exceptional construction provides added strength, chassis torsion control and durability. The jack also feature bypass and overload valves to prevent over-extension of the hydraulic ram, safely keeping you from using the jack beyond its rated capacity. This jack complies with all 2009 ASME PALD Standards.

Portability on a Roll

When you want to position a jack under a vehicle, maneuverability counts. The strong yet lightweight aluminum Quick Rise jack comes up huge in maneuverability, utilizing ball bearing mounted rear swivel caster wheels and wide-track front wheels for superior stability and smooth rolling performance that helps you easily position the unit right where you want it.

The Arcan ALJ3T in Action


The good thing about Arcan ALJ3T is that it can lift different kinds of vehicles like cars,trucks, vans or SUVs because of its thick side plates and reinforced lift and dual pump pistons that quickly bring the two-stage jack up to maximum height. It is also very important how to be a responsible owner to be able to keep the product last longer as well as the owner’s safety.

Helpful Client Reviews

Best Jack on the market !!! 5-STAR – Fits under low cars and jacks TRUCKS !! ★★★★★

I’ve been working on my own cars / trucks and family for over 10 years. I had an old jack that finally failed so it was time for a new one. I did hours of reading here on amazon and found this Arcan ALJ3T jack – 3ton !!! all I can say is wow – it looks 10x better in person and it does the job over and over!!We have large 1500/2500 trucks and german cars that all weigh over 5,000 pounds. With about 4-5 full pumps we get the german cars off the ground with an extra three inches to remove the tire/wheel and change brakes, ect…. and there’s a lot more room to keep lifting if you want to This jack is amazing, if you follow the instructions, and pump the jack with the bleeder open to get the air out…. it works like a dream. Also, as long as you don’t over-tighten the bleeder, when you slowly unscrew the bleeder to let the car down…. it will release and lower like a machine…. nice and slow and controlled.I wish they sold these retail, but I’m an amazon PRIME member so the price and delivery was #1 This jack gets under my car that has only 5 inches clearance from the side skirt to the ground. its perfect for low / imports / sports cars. The only thing I found I didn’t like about it, was the aluminum 2-pc jacking pole. YES, it does collapse into two pieces and its foam padded – wish it was foam padded on both poles….. but it flexes when you jack the car. The flexing is normal, but i’m used to using steel jack poles that don’t flex…. but the slight flexing is normal… just something i’m not used to!!! yes, this jack is just over $200 but its worth every $$$$ I fully trust this jack, its very well made !!!

alj3ton ★★★★

I’ve used the jack 4 times since it arrived. The light weight is very easy to use.
I’m 67, the jack I’ve used for 27 years was a 98 lb. steel jack. when it blew a seal
I replaced it. I wanted to have a new quicker pump jack. The ALJ3T fills the bill.
The price was high for me, but now I also have some “Garage Art”. The jack looks
very good. I do enjoy using the Arcan ALJ3T. The rubber pad in the saddle is useless, so I made a new one from 2 layers from an 18 wheeler mud flap.

Arcan ALJ3T Review ★★★★

Jack operates very smoothly and seems of decent quality although there were some dents in the metal that looked like they happened during manufacturing. The rubber jack pad is too soft and gets torn up rather quickly. Also even though it looks like the front wheel goes all the way across the front it does not, just the two wheels on the side, no middle wheel in between the front two. This jack is great in that it is very low and jacks very high and is relatively light for what it can do. This jack also works well for me on a gravel driveway. My biggest complaint is that it is made in china and that there are only a few parts available from the manufacturer as replacements. All in all a good jack.

Update: still great jack but the rubber jack pad is not good and was cut thru with minimal uses. Other than that, great jack.

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