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Blackhawk (also badged as banner) is owned and produced by the same company that produce the outstanding Hein-Werner though the Blackhawk Jacks are produced in China unlike the US made Hein Werner. The Blackhawk Jack is a “fast lift technology” meaning it can rapidly rise to the jacking point in just a few, relatively effortless pumps. It will lift an impressive 3.5 Ton (7,000lbs) and is constructed from heavy duty steel to ensure safety and a long usage life. Rolled side frames ensure even more strength and prevent twisting. Like a lot of Jacks being produced these days, the Blackhawk B6350 comes with a built-in safety valve and a bypass device that prevents damage that could result from over pumping.

Quick Product Specs

  • Bypass device prevents over pumping
  • Built-in internal safety valve ensures extra safety
  • Swivel saddle and rear caster for easy positioning
  • Rolled side frames add strength and rigidity to reduce twisting
  • Heavy-duty steel construction

Tired of Jacks that You Don’t Know How to Use?

Some men just won’t want to work their jacks properly. The Blackhawk B6350 though is made into simplicity so anyone can operate them easily and car jack fails like this won’t happen.

Blackhawk B6350 Best Features

LIFTING CAPACITY: 3-1/2 tons (7,000 pounds)

LIFTING RANGE: 5-1/2″ to 22-0″

BODY DESIGN: The Blackhawk B6350 floor jack body is made from heavy duty steel and is manufactured in China by Banner (now owned by Shinn Fu America Corporation). It has the standard trolley design where the front wheels are fixed and the rear in a caster style. The saddle swivels and is removable leaving a hole in the jack that is around 1-1/8″ in diameter.

LIFTING AND LOWERING SYSTEM DESIGN: A unique feature of this floor jack is that it has a rapid lift speed without load so it reaches the car faster and once it detects the load of the car, it lifts slower than without a load. The removable two-piece handle is padded on the lower portion so that the vehicle won’t get damaged or get scratches when it makes contact with the handle. When in the fully raised position, the handle does not go in a completely vertical position leaving a slight angle. It takes in between 20-25 strokes of the handle for the lift to reach the maximum height of 22″.


  • Made from heavy duty steel and furnished with rolled side plates
  • Quick lift to load system
  • High lift height at a maximum of 22″
  • Built in safety valve and bypass device
  • Padded handle to avoid vehicle damage


  • Heavy
  • Rubber saddle disc is not secured
  • The handle range is limited and does not raise to a full vertical position.

Not only that the Blackhawk B6350 features swivel saddle that provides you with the easy jack positioning and user safety, but also it is a hydraulic kind of jack which appears to be a good benefit.

Benefits of Hydraulic Jacks

Safety First

Hydraulic jacking System is one of the most safest mode to erect storage tank, complete work is executed on ground level preventing risks of accidents. For decades, there has been not a single report that proves its credibility in being the safest and most likely method for the storage tank construction. The hydraulic jack systems has now gained a lot of popularity, due to which the demand for a tall boom crane has declined.

No Scaffolding Required

Our efficient hydraulic jacking systems needs various scaffolding and attachments to offer comfortable access for welding heights, but now all weldings can be done at ground level.

Easier Inspection

Welding inspectors can now perform ultrasonic as well as several other non destructive tests on welds at ground level, it allows easier inspection for better quality control. There is no more climbing up to perilous positions for welding inspectors, now.

Faster Erection

The shell plates are erected at ground level in place of being installed at the height of about 30 feet or more, in order to save construction time required for the alignment of plates. The time and manpower needed for lifting the plates to the height is amputated. Construction work remains unaffected by snow or rain, hence most of the work is done under the protection of the tank itself.

Tank Erection Top Downwards Cuts Construction Time And Cost Considerably :

New shell plates are developed at the ground level in place of being hauled up to about 30 feet heights or more, saving considerable time desired for alignment of plates. The cumulative time needed for lifting of men and material to the heights that is eliminated. Tank construction work stays practically unaffected from rain or snow, hence most work is performed under the protection of the tank itself.

Most of the manufacturing work is done at ground level that assists in faster erection and reducing the risk of possible injuries

Faster erection

  • Eliminates the requirement of the crane
  • Cost of jacking equipment can be easily recovered after construction of 3 to 4 storage tanks or by erecting about 1200 tons of tankage. Jacking cost is approximately USD 50 per ton for 1200 tons

Example : Tank of 30 m diameter weighing about 300 tons requires 30 jacks of 12 ton each. Full cost of jacking equipment can be recovered in 4 such tanks.


  • For shell plates of more than 2500 width (height), jacking equipment can be supplied against specific requirements.
  • Standard jacking equipment can be used for minimum shell plate width (height) of 1400 mm. and maximum of 2500 mm.
  • Jacking equipment is supplied with singe jack lifting capacities of 8 tons 12 tons 25 tons.
  • Gasholder tanks Horton spheres or spherical tanks for storage of propane, ammonia in gaseous form.
  • Storage tanks with different types of roof (floating roof, fixed roof, suspended deck roof, column supported roof).
  • Cryogenic tanks for storage of propane, ammonia at cryogenic temperatures.

Dimensions of some tanks that have been actually erected using jacking equipment are:

  • Smallest diameter of tank erected using jacking equipment : 6 mtrs*
  • Largest diameter of tank erected using jacking equipment : 92 mtrs*
  • Maximum weight of tank erected using jacking equipment : 1900 tons*

Applications :

  • Dismantling of old tanks
  • Repair to tank foundation
  • Building of field erected storage tanks
  • Repair or replacement of tank bottom plate
  • Increasing tank capacity by adding shell rings or courses
  • Erection of other circular structures such as reactor shields in nuclear power stations, etc.

Further Details about Blackhawk Brand

Blackhawk is an American brand of hand tools. It is currently a sub-brand of the Proto division of the Stanley Black & Decker.


Blackhawk Manufacturing was founded in 1919 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a subsidiary of the American Grinder Company (later named Applied Power Corporation). It made automotive tools, such as wrenches and sockets,[1] and a number of specialty tools.[2]

Blackhawk introduced a number of innovations to conventional drive tools, such as the “Lock-On” system of locking sockets,[3] gearless ratchets,[4][5] telescoping ratchet handles,[6] and 7/16″ drive tools.[7] Many of these designs were developed by engineers Edward Pfauser and Sigmund Mandl (the latter notable for having founded the Husky Wrench Company prior to working for Blackhawk).

Blackhawk also partnered with the Armstrong Bros. Tool Company in the late 1920s through the late 1940s to produce a range of open-ended wrenches under the “Blackhawk-Armstrong” label.[8]

Blackhawk also produced Blackhawk Jack brand floor jacks under the Blackhawk Mfg. Co. name including a handy 1-1/2 Ton heavy steel wheeled model.

In the early 1950s, Blackhawk was acquired by the New Britain Machine Company. In the 1970s, Litton Industries purchased New Britain. In the 1980s, National Hand Tool acquired parts of Litton’s erstwhile hand tools division, including the Blackhawk and Husky brands. And in 1986, the Stanley Works acquired National Hand Tool, and with it, the Blackhawk brand.


The Blackhawk B6350 is one of the best hydraulic jack. For a budget that is quite tight, then you might want to try this one out. If you want to know more details, visit Amazon.com to learn more about the product.

Helpful Client Reviews

Good Jack for the money ★★★★★
The fast pump feature is very quick and convenient. Jack does not creep down. Padded pump handle is a nice touch. I’ve used it on SUVs and light pick ups ,so far so good. Only thing jack needed was the caster wheels lubed up to make it roll nicer.

Best product ★★★★★
I ordered this after look at several different ones of the same weight class and have found this one to be the best value and if you have a prime account it’s free shipping and save big bucks!!!!

just what i needed ★★★★★
works great for my full size dodge truck. lifts fast and does not fall fast when finished. should have a one piece handle instead of two

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