Arcan XL35

Product Name:Arcan XL35
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Featuring the Arcan XL35, with a powerful 3 1/2-ton lifting capacity for use with almost any vehicle. Included with it are a service jack and a 2 pc handle for easy storage. This is a low profile design that allows it to effortlessly roll under low loads. It is also safe because it meets the 2009 ASME PALD standards for lifting equipment. Having a powerful 3 1/2-ton lifting capacity for use with almost any vehicle.

Product Overview

  • Lift capacity: 3 1/2 tons (7,000lbs.)
  • Professional low-profile jack
  • Minimum lift height: 3 1/2in.
  • Maximum lift height: 21 3/8in.
  • Two-stage quick rise

Customer Reviews

Great jack, but could be lower ★★★★★

i purchased this jack to replace the Arcan aluminum low profile jack that costco used to sell. The aluminum Arcan jack lasted a whopping 6 years and still going! (with minor problems in the past 1 year, which is why i thought of purchasing a more robust, steel Arcan jack).

This jack is nice, smooth, but the aluminum Arcan that i have is a bit lower.

Pittsburgh (Harbor Freight) makes a really cool low profile jack that i just purchased for my friend. it’s very long and super low. however it’s pittsburgh brand. I purchased Arcan because of my good experience with the aluminum jack, so i know i won’t be disappointed.

Get it – it can save your life ★★★★★

Absolutely love this beast. After dropping the transmission on my 240sx to change the clutch, I said “enough” and decided to get a quality jack.

This thing is HEAVY. It doesnt roll very easily, and due to its size and weight can be cumbersome.

HOWEVER, the height control mechanism is PERFECT. You can control how fast or slow you lower your car easily and precisely. When dealing with lowered cars where ramps are not an option, and when you have to really get the car high up (fabricating exhausts, changing clutches, etc), then a good lowering speed control is essential. My previous Harbour Freight 3 ton jack was out right scary to use, since it would drop the car instead of gently lowering it.

Ive learned that if you are gonna be doing any wrenching on your car, items like a GOOD, HIGH QUALITY jack can make the overall experience so much easier and fun.

TIP: Look online for free shipping options from Northern Tool. I found one and saved a ton of money! Also, you should always have at least 2 jacks (a smaller one is fine) in my case, I have to use the smaller one to get this one to fit under my subframe in order to jack up the car.

Wow !! a really good jack ★★★★★

Something about lifting thousands of pounds of weight off the ground just makes me want a heavy duty jack.
{don’t you think }, after looking at several different brands i sure was glad to find the arcan 3/1/2 ton
quicklift low profile jack. it fits under just about anything, lifts quickly and with 7000 lb. capacity
you can pretty much lift anything this side of a rv. downside if there is one is the fact it is heavy.
not the one you want to tote all over town. other than that, a well built floor jack at a great price.
very happy with purchase!! buy one you wont regret it!!

About Jacks

A jack is a mechanical device used as a lifting device to lift heavy loads or apply great forces. A mechanical jack employs a screw thread for lifting heavy equipment. A hydraulic jack uses hydraulic power. The most common form is a car jack, floor jack or garage jack, which lifts vehicles so that maintenance can be performed. Jacks are usually rated for a maximum lifting capacity (for example, 1.5 tons or 3 tons). Industrial jacks can be rated for many tons of load.

Any of various portable devices for raising or lifting heavy objects short heights, using various mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic methods.

Security Guidelines

National and international standards have been developed to standardize the safety and performance requirements for jacks and other lifting devices. Selection of the standard is an agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer, and has some significance in the design of the jack. In the United States, ASME has developed the Safety Standard for Portable

Jack Safety Methods

Safety is always the number priority. In every task we do, our safety is the first thing to consider. Automotive works can be dangerous as the weight of a vehicle is not a serious weight which a human body can handle when the inevitable happens. So always have safety measure and be defensive of probable dangers.

Types of Floor Jacks and Functions

There are two basic types of floor jacks that you will find inside a typical garage; mechanical and hydraulic. Lets look at each of these separately.

Mechanical Floor Jack

Mechanical floor jacks use a screw mechanism to apply force to the jack body and lift the vehicle. The short thread distance (or thread pitch) of the screw gives a mechanical advantage allowing heavy loads to be raised with moderate effort. The trade off is that the screw has to be turned many times to achieve a small amount of lift. These are the type of jacks that you find in your vehicle’s roadside assistance kit.

Hydraulic Floor Jacks

Hydraulic floor jacks use valves, hydraulic pistons, and multiple different levers to gain mechanical advantage and lift the vehicle. The handle of a floor jack is positioned so that the hinge gives the user a tremendous mechanical advantage right from the start. For every pound of force that is applied to the floor jack handle, an amount of force exponentially greater is applied to the hydraulic piston system. The hydraulic system consists of a reservoir, two cylinders of different diameters and various flow control valves. Mechanical force from the jack handle is applied to a small hydraulic piston which is then amplified into a much larger force due to the difference in the diameters of the hydraulic chambers. How do this happen?

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